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* k r i s t i n

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new name* [18 Mar 2002|05:38pm]
okai this is my last time writtin in this one.I'm still gonna keep it tho jus incase. but my new name is:
please add it to ur list ;]
i'll be addin everyone if ur on my friends list now.
ty x-tina for the code ;]
hugz 'n kissz

help* [18 Mar 2002|03:15pm]
yeah i wanna make another name, but i need a code. any takers?!?!
heh thx ;]
hugz 'n kissz

hmmm* [18 Mar 2002|02:29pm]
[ mood | lazy ]

so yeah yesterday was pretty eventful.this weekend i went ridin sat. and sunday down in bourne.it was soo much fun! sat. we got taken on a trail which went like 4 miles back near the cannal.it was pretty kewl. then sunday was when we ran into trouble with the EPA. mother fuckers ;x me and adam had to sit in the woods for like an hour while the circled around us bcuz the quads we had weren't registered and that's like 350$ so we had to hide and shit.it went on forever and i aint got the time to go into detail.felt kinda kewl tho, like a convict hidin from the police ;]~ lol. but i had an awesum weekend with my baby <33

i think im gonna get a new journal name.which means a whole new journal.so i'll update later with a name ;] i'll put all my LJ friends on, so jus add me back ;]~

a month from now i'll be in sunny florida. hellz yea!

i'm gonna go now. i have soo much homework. eek!


hugz 'n kissz

interesting day * [17 Mar 2002|09:09pm]
i can't explain now but i will tomorrow.basically today consisted of:
EPA[environmental police]
hidin from the EPA
sitten in the woods for an hour
hugz 'n kissz

h e y * [15 Mar 2002|02:26pm]
[ mood | horny ]

finally friday.finally i can see adam ;]

today was ok.got offended in mcas. pete "we don't really want you here, we jus want some1 to look at" yeah that hurt ;[

all i gotta say is notre dame betta beat duke! lol. i'm not into basketball at all but i love notre dame. anything about em. i would die to go there. so hilary is obsessed with duke. so i made a bet that nd would beat them. ha there prolly goes 5$ oh well.

hmm this weekend should be good.2morra im goin with adam and everyone to go ridin down in bourne. fun shyt ;]

hope everyone has a fun weekend ;]~


hugz 'n kissz

i r i s h * [14 Mar 2002|07:23pm]
well i figured i owed myself this irish background for now. not only am i irish, adam is all out like 100% lol. so i figured he'd enjoy it too. it'll be gone soon tho ;[
heh hope u enjoy ;]
hugz 'n kissz

i l u v t h e w a r m * [14 Mar 2002|04:04pm]
[ mood | bitchy ]

gosh it's soo warm outside! i luv it.wish there was actually something outside for me to do.but nope i live in wb.

las nite was our concert.we sat around for 2 hours doin nothin! it was so boring.yUp bobby magee claimed me hawker's slave.lol i even did the dance didn't i?! lol we basically jus all sat around waiten to go on.well this is my last year in band.cuz i didn't pick it next year.there are the classes i did pick tho...
english 10 honors
spanish 2 honors
algebra 2 honors
modern eurponean history
chemistry college
*if journalism doesn't pass im taken art 1.so i tried to make it easy.who knows?!

wanna kno wha i hate?! girls who love to talk to my boyfriend like "hey sexy" "i love you" "i miss you" "call me" i mean god get over it that he's taken! err

florida is in a couple weeks.i can't wait! gosh i jus wanna go and get out of here!!

well yeah i noticed a lump behind my ear.it could be either 2 things: a cyst or an ingrown pimple.
which it is as hard as a rock and kills.so i dunno.if it doesn't go away i'll have to get it checked out.fUn. it feels like a pebble in my ear.i want it out. ;[

i think im done ;]~ heh


hugz 'n kissz

* a w w [12 Mar 2002|02:20pm]
[ mood | geeky ]

last nite i got to see adam <3 i was soo happy ;] we had a good time too. he did his room over so we put that together and jus layed on his bed watchen tv. ha u can't cook hamburgers!! around 8:30ish his dad brought me home.

kate leaves for florida 2morra lucky! me and rachel leave in i think 34 days.yUp i got the countdown goin.

2morra nite i have a concert ;x heh. fun shyt.


hugz 'n kissz

m i s s m e ? ! [11 Mar 2002|02:33pm]
heey it's been awhile! i've deff. been busy.

i jus got home yesterday from bein in maine all weekend.it was okai.pretty boring.didn't talk to adam all weekend ;[ lol. it's all good tho. i went shoppin and got tons of clothes ;]~ and cuz im nice i got adam sum shirts ;]

well today is x-tina's bday. *happy birthday*

i watched that 9/11 special last nite.it was pretty good i guess.

damn i miss adam <3
hugz 'n kissz

h e h [05 Mar 2002|02:41pm]
[ mood | dorky ]

ehh it's been a couple days.

let's see...

spent the weekend with adam.good/bad times i guess.we jus fight ova *lil* things ;[ all and all it was good <3

i mite be goin to the pop disaster tour.hell yeaH! lol
also the incubus one. *smiles*

adam's not allowed to maine.but he can go in the summer whenever we want.so yea go figure that out! so i told my mom i wasn't goin with her. now i need sumwhere to sleep ;/

interesting convo with sean:
Sped1o1: dork
CutieKb143: snob
Sped1o1: jerk
CutieKb143: lol thhhx
Sped1o1: no prob =)
Sped1o1: so watsup??
CutieKb143: jus listenen to music...u?
CutieKb143: brb
Sped1o1: ok
CutieKb143: bck
Sped1o1: alrite
Sped1o1: so wats new wit yer life lately?
CutieKb143: hmm...nuttin much. im gettin a step bro/sis lol scary
Sped1o1: lol yeh im gettin 2 step bros
CutieKb143: lol ive ben an only child for 15 yrs
Sped1o1: sux for u!
Sped1o1: cant be spoiled anymore u bitch
Sped1o1: haha
CutieKb143: yeah it does
CutieKb143: lol shut up
Sped1o1: no
Sped1o1: i wont shut up
CutieKb143: i dun have to live with it and i neva see my dad newys
CutieKb143: lol
Sped1o1: it?? you're real nice
Sped1o1: lol
CutieKb143: lol yea it
Sped1o1: u are a loser
CutieKb143: no im not, im *special*
Sped1o1: yeh we all like to think thatq
Sped1o1: that*
CutieKb143: lol i dont think it, i kno it
Sped1o1: well excuse me!
CutieKb143: ur excused
Sped1o1: dork
CutieKb143: i kno ;]
Sped1o1: i dont see how adams gone out wit u for this long....
Sped1o1: i wouldnt have lasted a month
Sped1o1: =)
CutieKb143: ouch
CutieKb143: thats ruff
Sped1o1: =)~

2morra is a half day.thank-god ;]~ a couple of us are goin to anderson's i think to get sum lunch.


hugz 'n kissz

* f r i d a y [01 Mar 2002|02:40pm]
[ mood | horny ]

finnaallllyy it's friday.i can see adam again ;P yeaH so that's my plans for tonite ;]

uhh i got my 'friend' today! that deff. sucks.

school was good today ;]

omigosh guess wha?! adam and his brother are goin to florida april vaca. lol same time as me.see this is the story. he calls me up and he's like guess what? so i said what. and he said that kenny got them tickets and there goin to stay with their grandparents.and it turns out he's leaven the monday that i am and also from providence.i'm not sure when his plane leaves tho.but i thought that was kewl ;] so we mite meet up for a day or what not. i'm glad he's goin tho cuz i didn't wanna leave him here! lol.

all i ate today was a sandwhich.lol me and rachel's "fasting"

i got the fox magazine last nite and me and adam were looken through it [he got the same one] he wants me to get this pink dress, he's like omg you'd look so hot i'd have to bang you right there.lol. i actually mite get it tho it's cute ;]

well that's about it, i'll write later.
hope everyone has a fun weekend! ;P

hugz 'n kissz

h e h e [28 Feb 2002|05:53pm]
[ mood | amused ]

oh gosh! lol. my uncle[by marriage] his neice kayla, who is 9 started sum petition in the school and i guess they passed it lol.okai here's the story.its on the front page of the enterprise with her pic and her friend andy.i guess there recess seperated the girls and boys cuz they were fighten.well kayla and andy got pissed cuz they are best friends and now they can't hang out.and kayla is soo fuckin smart! she deff. speaks her mind too.so kayla wrote a letter, and andy got peoples signature's and they started a petition and rallyed and everything.and they ended up changing the rule now becuz of them.well i thought that was pretty kewl ;P

ill be back later tho..my moms decision is coming in a lil while...lol

hugz 'n kissz

*a w w w [28 Feb 2002|02:43pm]
[ mood | loved ]

aww today is me and adam's year and a half ;] *big smiles* hah today everyones like thats a damnn long time ;P and every minute was worth it with him <33

well my moms tellin me today if adam can go to maine or not. gosh i want him to go soo fuckin bad! i'm gonna be soo mad if she says no ;[

heh me, jeanine, and erin wanna go to the greenday/saves the day/blink 182 concert ;p then i wanna go to the incubus with jeanine & adam. i'd die to see incubus! i love 'em soo much!

yUp me and allison can sing! hah jaaammiieee.lol

me and rachel are gonna "fast" before florida.lol yeaH starting NOW!

okai i'm off*


hugz 'n kissz

e h h [27 Feb 2002|05:50pm]
idk if it's jus my computer, or it really isn't worken.but can you guyz please tell me if the 'adam 'n kris' thing is shown up??!! ehh thx!!
hugz 'n kissz

* h e y [27 Feb 2002|02:56pm]
[ mood | creative ]

okai i added a lil background for now.nuttin great but it was too plain jus white ;]

adam's dad bought 'erik' a 400ex last nite.so adam is over there now ridin it.god knows when he will be back.

well it's rainen out.can't complain tho i like the rain ;p i'll neva forget the time me and adam sat out one sat. nite in dighton on a blanket out in the rain.lol it was awesum ;]

my mom still hasn't given me an answer for maine.i'll jus have to ask tonite.gosh my fingers are crossed she says yes.jus think me+jacuzzi+adam = good times ;x

i think im gonna go take some pictures.heh so i'll prolly be back soon ;p

hugz 'n kissz

c u t e . . . [26 Feb 2002|03:41pm]
well i got the entries aligned to one side finally.so ty!

gosh its such a nice day out! i wish i could do sumthin, but oh yea its west bridgewater, there's nothing to do!

today is erik's bday[12] [adam's bro] so there all goin out to eat tonite.

school was okai today.neva anything great!!


hugz 'n kissz

y u p [25 Feb 2002|05:11pm]
[ mood | energetic ]

let's see:

got the tickets for fl.
they finally mailed them ;]
heh and we're prolly gonna
take a limo in and back!
hah i love those things.
i'm looken at things
to do down there.
i wanna do the parasailing &
snorkling.anyone done it before
and like it?! comments lol...

aww my fingers are crossed now.
my family's goin to maine march 7-10?
i think.its a thursday nite-sunday.
and i asked my mom if adam could go.
bcuz she told me family things were diff.
so when i asked she said yea mayb.
so im prayin that turns into a yes.
thatd be too awesum.i guess he
jus got a huge jacuzzi up there.
my mom said it looks like the one
in the real world.so hell yeah!

hilary // i'll be thereeeeee! wow
we are pretty bad! lol

okai i'm off.my mom went and bought
a new entertainment center and
needs help settin it up!


hugz 'n kissz

h e h e [22 Feb 2002|10:46pm]
[ mood | lonely ]

lol today was good i guess.
sat around and jus pampered myself
all day ;] felt great! heh.
tonite i went to the mall with
adam.i got sum white-zipper-sweatshirt.
then we met up with adams friends.
kernzy? i think adam said.lol.i forget.
but he had to have me and adams
picture to put on his webpage lol.
so me and adam walked around for a lil bit.
got sum ice-cream ;] yUum.
then we went back to adams house and
watched sum movie.yUp

2morra i get to go pick up my cat ;]
yay. then im chillin w/ adam. my dad
neva called so i dun have to go over.
another yay.

x-tina // ur too funny!lol. god damn
those phone-people suck! hope you
get your phonesex soon! hehe

hugz 'n kissz

g r r [22 Feb 2002|08:53am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

my mom got me up at 8
to get the cat in the
lil boxy thing so she
could go to the vet.
she dun come back t'll
2morra ;[ aww! oh well.

let's see neva heard from
adam.so i have no clue
where he is or what's goin
on tonite. ain't that great?

i think im jus gonna go lay
back in bed and watch some t.v.
sounds good ;]


hugz 'n kissz

l o l [21 Feb 2002|10:06pm]
heh loong talk w/ X-tina.
could we be any more cooler?lol
it's sad you thought she was me!
ouch...ha boys! nuttin but trouble ;]
let's talk like he's god! haha tf.
hope ur long-distance works! and pray
that adam calls! lol.

well goodnite everyone<3
hugz 'n kissz

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