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9 April
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Heyz ;] my name is kristin.altho everyone calls me kris.im 14-soon to be 15 on o4.o9. im a freshman at wbhs.i have a boyfriend adam <3. i live in west bridgewater,massachusetts in a veery small town. i live with my mom and noone else ;]


I'm madly in love with my boyfriend.we met online and kinda took it from there.we've started goin out august 28, 2000. he's become everything me to ;] we share so much and jus wanna make each other happy forever. theres deff. no1 else in this world i would wanna be with <333


I deff. got my friends with me. They help me out through everything. I couldn't ask for more in them. Whenever I'm down there alwyz there for me ;] I love them to death!


I hope everyone enjoyz readin my journal! And i LOVE maken new friendz.so if ya add me i'll be sure to add you back! <3 jus wanna say hey to all my lj friendz.much luv guyz!